Most of us know that marketing strategies are one of the best ways to get results for your business. The various methods of blogging, vlogging, e-mail marketing, telephone marketing, and e-Books etc. are all interesting and effective methods of marketing. when you know how to use them.

However, most people…

The ideal breast milk donor is a mother in good health who can feed her baby satisfactorily and still have excess milk. To qualify being a donor, she must meet the below criteria.

She must not be suffering from any illness or infection.
She must test negative for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis.
She must not consume alcohol while producing breastmilk.
She must not have received an organ transplant or blood transfusion in the last 12 months.
She must not be taking any kind of radioactive drugs or be exposed to a toxic chemical environment.
She must not have fungal infections of the nipple or areola or have mastitis.
All prospective donors must undergo a blood test before they can be qualified as donors.

NeoLacta is the only ISO 22000:2018 and GMP certified human milk facility in India to have developed 100% human milk products (breast milk products) through its proprietary processing technology, which distinguishes us from a typical human milk bank. This helps caregivers and decision makers to adhere to a 100% human milk diet without any synthetic additives. Optimal human milk-based nutrition plays a vital role in supporting “intact survival” of premature babies and also helps babies whose mothers have difficulty feeding them owing to reasons such as sickness, medical contraindications, inadequate lactation, surrogacy/IVF and many more.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing professional platforms for finding leads and converting them into prospects. While its messaging feature seems good, emails still hold the upper hand because of their professionalism.

But finding emails on LinkedIn can be time-consuming. Honestly, it needs a little bit more research to find…

  • First, you choose what your goals are. Example, Are you concentrating on certain body parts or the whole body, increasing strength and muscles.
  • Carefully evaluate the space on your home to place that gym or fitness equipment.
  • Look at X Fitness for home gym/workout equipment shop for products suitable for your training.
  • Talk to us or Request a catalogue of their home fitness equipment.
  • Discover the entire product range of X Fitness products helping you to achieve your fitness, whether you are building up strength, train naturally with functional equipment or find the perfect cardio workout.

Breast milk is the optimum source of nutrition for your newborn for the first six months. Human milk provides nourishment, boosts immunity and multitude of health benefits to your baby.

Despite the advances in technologies of manufacturing and processing infant formulas, they are still far away from the nutritional content and benefits of human milk.

Let’s have a look at how both are poles apart:-

➜ Infant formula is derived from the bovine source has high (alarmingly toxic for a human infant) sodium content, whereas human milk has very low amounts.

➜ Human milk can help your infant develop antibodies quickly. In contrast, infant formula cannot help your baby develop antibodies or adapt to changing circumstances.

➜ Human milk has 1000 proteins, whereas Infant formulas have just a few.

To know more about NeoLacta’s 100% human milk-derived range of products, please visit

Breastfeeding is the safest & healthiest food for your baby. Unfortunately, in certain conditions, mothers are unable to breastfeed. They end up feeding their babies with infant formula, which may cause severe complications in a newborn.

NeoLacta’s 100% human milk-based products are maltodextrin-free with no synthetic additives, which provides optimal nutrition, boosts immune levels, helps in cognitive development and offers excellent feed tolerance to your babies.

To know more about NeoLacta’s range of products, please visit or call us on 1800–103–2456.

Following a nutritious diet gives the baby healthy thick milk, which helps in speedy and steady growth of the child

– Protein-packed foods, such as whole grains, cereals, pulses, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and chicken, are good for the mother and baby.

– If you are planning to…

Human milk contains protective immunoglobulins that modulates and promotes the development of the infant immune system. It acts as a “natural bodyguard” and mitigate the impact of viral & bacterial infections in newborns.

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